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In early 2009 floods washed away the veggie patch at the Kin Kin State School. Since then I've been volunteering at the school - working with the kids, teachers and parents to rebuild and expand the patch. And what a great team they are !!!

Recently we appplied to the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation for funding - and were successful. Growing, harvesting, preparing and eating organic food is now a weekly part of the school's curriculum.

Donations to the program (time, money or supplies) are always welcome. Please contact Kin Kin State School directly if you want to donate, on 07 54854168





I see man-made chemicals / poisons as the absolute last step in solving gardening  problems (weeds and pests etc). I WILL use them if you require - as a last resort, but I don't stock them in my arsenal.


This is for many reasons:

Organic solutions solve more than one problem at a time, eg get rid of weeds AND feed the soil; or prevent/kill insect  pests AND feed plants

Preparing and spraying chemicals is just as time consuming as preparing and using organic solutions. Chemicals also cost so much more money - not to mention the health risks

Organics promote life in the garden, chemicals promote death - not only of unwanted plants and pests, but also of the soil.

Chemical drift is a serious problem - you might want to kill the weeds, but your roses won't take kindly to the spray.

Weeds are much better put to use alive than dead - to revitalise the soil,  by returning the nutrients they've taken out. Slash them, let them feed the soil under mulch (which will in turn prevent them regrowing).

Use your waste to make compost, not landfill. Alternately,  use lantana leaves to make an aphid deterrent, or soak weeds to make a plant tonic.

Overall, organic pest and weed control strategies will feed your soil and your plants, making healthy crops and gardens. Chemicals will kill more than they they set out to do.




Satisfied clients

 "I'm just so happy to get someone who knows what he's doing" - Cherry Wynne (Country Life Hotel Kitchen Manager, Kin Kin)


"Thanks. We enjoyed learning all about plants" -Bliss and Tuene, Kin Kin State School


"Thankyou for all your much needed help this year. You do a fabulous job" - Cita, Cooroy.


"He does work for me and is excellent" -Marilyn Mc Shannon (Noosa Lifestyle Real Estate)


"We called Keith  when our 10 acres were out of control. He came highly recommended by a neighbour. We were pleasantly surprised by how hard he worked + the quality of tools  he brought. Keith is a wealth of knowledge. It was fantastic to find a gardener with ideas on managing food gardens without poisons!We highly recommend Keith for any gardening job - planning, planting, feeding soil,  clearing,  and anything in between. Thanks Keith you REALLY made a difference here. We'll definitely use you again."  -Dee & Ian Humphreys, (Garden Of Eatin', Kin Kin) 


"You are a great horticulturalist/gardener"

-Phillip Jones (Kin Kin + Brisbane)


"We love Keithy. Our veggie patch is beautiful"

- Annie + Leigh Munday (Kin Kin)


"He's so knowledgeable and it's so nice to have a gardener happy to pull up weeds"

Deb O'Neill (Doonan)


"The Plot Thickens has been invaluable to  us. Keith's been so helpful with ideas, advice and making it happen. He's reliable, honest and extremely hard working. I recommend him to anyone looking for help with their gardening needs."

Robyn Bromley  (Kin Kin Haven B&B)


"We enlisted Keith's expertise in soil and plant selection to landscape the grounds at our prestigious montville accommodation. Keith consulted us on various options and the results were fantastic."

- Lake Terrace (Montville)













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